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The Immersive Design Summit 2019
Feb 22-23, 2019

Irene joined her colleagues at 13EXP to speak on a panel at IDS 2019 in San Francisco. 13EXP, helmed by Mikhael Tara Garver, led a panel called Combining Superpowers: Original Experiential, Authentic Fandom, and Social Impact. Irene was excited and honored to be joining this incredible team and announce her role as Head of Creative Projects for 13EXP.

Bedford + Bowery shouts out SHE Creates 2k19 as Performance Pick of the Week!
Feb 21, 2019

Cassidy Dawn Graves at Bedford + Bowery gave a shout out to SHE Creates 2K19 as its performance pick for Thursday, February 21, 2019!

Graves writes: “The hills are alive with the sound of performances from female-identifying and genderqueer artists at She Creates, a festival presented by Make/Shift and Akin running through the end of the weekend at the New Ohio Theater. The festival centers around the premiere of The Clark Doll, a play by Liz Morgan about three black women figuring out how to escape a confining situation, but it offers much more than just plays, with night after night of drag, performance art, live music, visual art, and more.”


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Announcing SHE Creates 2K19 on BroadwayWorld
Jan 11, 2019

Check out the BroadwayWorld announcement for SHE Creates 2K19 produced by Irene’s company, Make/Shift, in association with This Is Akin.

"We're thrilled to expand on last year's incredible event and to continue our work of offering emerging artists - especially women and queer artists - a space to create," said the Artistic Director of Make/Shift, Irene Lazaridis.

Machinal Opens at the Waterwell Drama Program
Nov 14-18, 2018

Join us for the inaugural production of the Drama Program’s 2018-19 Season: Machinal, brought to you by the Drama Class of 2020!

This 1928 play by Sophie Treadwell tells the deeply chilling story of a young woman’s inability to submit to the life path that society has laid out for her. When she decides to take her life into her own hands, the “machine” will stop at nothing to get her to submit to the very end.

Directed by Irene Lazaridis
Stage Managed by Kathryn Meister
Featuring the Waterwell Drama Program Class of 2020

Get your tickets here!

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Irene Lazaridis & Oscar Klausner launch new company, Make/Shift!
Aug 3, 2018  

Founded in 2018 by Oscar Klausner and Irene Lazaridis, Make/Shift is a playground for makers. We believe in giving space to the creative process, to allow makers to experiment, and to shift their perspective from what making is to what it can be. At its core, Make/Shift is a community that fosters makers in the shift from muse to making.

Make/Shift began in 2016 with Working Titles, a monthly gathering of makers to share and develop work. In the last year, Make/Shift has expanded to include Spotlight Series, an event that features the developing work of a Working Titles member, Summer Jam Sessions, a monthly summer rooftop art party, and Shop Productions, which provides makers with the next step in their creative process—the opportunity to put their work up in a workshop setting.